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Best For Over 40 Singles 300x200Here is the story of an elderly woman, Maria Ivanova, who lost her husband, a talented writer. Her grief was immense, because the couple lived together for 45 happy years. It broke the woman’s heart. She was plunged into a heavy depression. Every day she sobbed inconsolably. She was sure that she had any reason to live. She did not want to wake up in the morning, put herself in order, go for a walk, as before. Her condition was aggravated every day. The phrase “time heals” to the tragedy of an unhappy woman was simply inapplicable.

Psychologists talked a lot with Maria. However, those conversations did not yield the expected results. She was getting worse, despite the fact that she took soothing pills. But once the doctor recommended her to create a documentary about the life and work of her beloved husband.


The film was shown to the small amount of people who highly appreciated it. The woman arose a little. She confessed to the psychologist that the first time after her husband’s death (and more than a year had passed) she laid her hair, put on an elegant dress, as before, cope with emotions in order not to burst into tears. Spectators recommended the widow to present a video for a larger audience. The psychologist advised Maria to voice the comments to the film. The woman was inspired and began to work on a revision of the plot and comments. To work on the film, computer skills were necessary. After listening to psychologists, the woman began studying computer courses for the elderly. She received great satisfaction from teaching, opening a new, unexplored, fascinating sphere. Learning computer literacy became the second stimulus, restoring her desire to live.

And even on the recommendation of a doctor, a woman began visiting meetings for those over 60, which were organized in her hometown. These meetings became the third strongest stimulus. Maria gradually returned to real life. From time to time, woman arranged evenings for the memory of her husband in a narrow circle of friends. Those evenings were sad on the day of his death and cheerful and sincere on his birthday. Those meetings helped her to properly perceive the surrounding life. After three years, psychologists offered the woman to visit a dating club for the elderly. They were sure that senior dating for fun would help the woman to find new friends. Maria agreed and visited online club at seniordatingtop10.com.

When she visited the site for the first time, she saw a lot of interesting people over there. She was managed to get acquainted with couple new people. Moreover, over there she met a man, who also lost his wife 6 years ago. The elderly people began to build friendly relations. They talked about everything: the Internet, politics, art and culture. After 6 months they already met each other in the real life, went together for walks and various concerts (the man was very fond of classical music). A year later the elderly people decided to live together, and soon they officially formalized the relationship.

After the death Marina’s husband, 5 years has passed, and she gained her happiness at the age of 70 years. Perhaps you will think that not everyone can get so well. However, this story illustrates the fact that your happiness is in your hands, and everything depends not only on the circumstances, but also on yourself. The feeling of loneliness is not a combination of surrounding factors, but an internal state of a person. And seniordatingtop10.com will help you to cope with all the problems and find support and love in the experienced age.

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