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Tips and Tricks for Successful Dating in Your Golden Retirement Years

After years of slaving away at your workplace, you are finally ready to relax. You got your dream retirement home. You signed up for golf or some other chill activity. And your schedule has never been more open.
Unfortunately, for one reason or another, you do not have anyone to share this with. So what do you do? Do you continue to wallow in solitude or do you put yourself back out there and find someone to share this new found freedom with?
The answer is pretty obvious. I mean, who wants to be alone in the best years of their lives? However, dating during retirement years can be daunting. After all, you’ve been out of the game for so long you probably do not know where to start.
To make it easier for you, here are six tips that should help you get started off on the right foot.

Dating tips for retired men

1. Embrace the internet romance trend
Gone are the days where coffee shops, trains, and libraries were where you would meet potential lovers. These days, everyone is using online dating websites. If you want your search for love to be successful, you really don’t have a choice but to get onto this bandwagon.
2. Pick the right dating website
There are many different websites out there. For example, is a great choice for Latin dating; might be a good option if you’re interested in people from this region, etc.
As a retiree, you could also sign up with an age niche website such as or others. These are meant to specifically help people in your age group to find love. Some help you meet and interact with fellow retirees whereas others give you access to a younger dating pool. It is all about what you want and are interested in.


3. Have your intentions and expectations clear
Are you looking for a lifelong partner with whom to enjoy the rest of your golden years? Or are you looking for a short-term fling to bring some temporary excitement back into your life?
Understanding your expectations and being open about them is very important when dating as a retired person. It will not only allow you to choose the best dating sites but also allow you to cultivate great relationships based on honesty.
4. Have your guard up
There are many shady characters out there. As a financially stable and mature man, you automatically have a target on your back. In this case, you have everything from gold diggers to scammers to look out for.
Therefore, make sure to be careful about what you share and who you share it with. Do not divulge too much too soon and make sure to build trust before being open and vulnerable with anyone you meet online.

5. Time for a wardrobe makeover
Your old work slacks and loafers will not cut it anymore. This is especially the case if you intend on dating younger women. Channel your inner silver fox by getting in on the latest trends for people your age. Things like jeans-shirt combos, form fitted coats and leather jackets should feature in your closet. They are mature yet youthful and therefore a great way to appeal to younger singles.
6. Take care of your body
Eat healthily, work out regularly and get plenty of sleep. No one expects you to look like a gym ad. However, dating in retirement requires that you keep healthy and stay energetic. It is also very attractive to potential beaux as everyone loves a man who can take care of himself.

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  1. Be her friend, not your partner’s parent! This will create a more pleasant atmosphere for both of you.

  2. If you’re dating a woman of a certain age, this will help you change your perspective on the relationship.

  3. If you’re not interested in getting pregnant, don’t fret! There are plenty of adult women looking for sexy men.

  4. The internet is a great place to look for these women, and you can easily find the one you’re looking for.

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