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The Best Dating Advice For Seniors Via App?

Senior Christian DatingNowadays, a lot of singles over fifty years are increasingly using online dating as a way to find their perfect match. While some do not work out, others fare pretty well. Here’s some senior dating advice on how to go about it.

Back in the days of yore, you could have found the right person for you at school, college, among colleagues, or even through friends or family. A lot of studies have pointed out the correlation between senior adults and usage of online services for the best senior dating advice. Here’s how to prepare for the experience.

• Make sure that your mind says “yes”: This is by far the most important thing to consider. If you’re mentally unprepared for it, you will not be in a suitable position to date. You have to have a chirpy and poised attitude about yourself. If a previous relationship has soured your mindset, I would recommend that you wait it out rather than jumping the gun. If you open up and add a mix of positive attitude, you’ll be set for an adventure. On the other hand, if you still feel that you’re mentally not capable of it, a licensed relationship therapist would work wonders for your heart and soul.


• Do your Homework: You’ll find a lot of online dating sites on the web. Spend some time browsing through them on your computer and try to find one that suits your needs. Basically, there are two types of online dating sites; the free ones and the ones that charge a subscription fee.You are at liberty to choose what kind you want, though the case of the paid websites stands stronger because of a certain amount of authenticity to it. I say this because you need to pay via your debit or credit card for a membership.

• Asking for help: Do not be shy and hesitate to ask your friends for help in case you’re not too sure what to do while filling up your profile. You’ll be surprised to know that they’ll be genuinely happy to see that you want a new love in your life and will be more than eager to lend a helping hand. Secondly, a second opinion is always better when it comes to choosing a profile picture and filling up a short description. Your friends have seen you up close, and will be in a better position to point out your qualities and imperfections without malice.

• Do not limit any options: When you’re filling up answers to questions about what you like and dislike about your potential partner, do not be very straitlaced, because that means your options are getting narrower, thus limiting your possibilities. Only put up those things that you ABSOLUTELY will not stand for and nothing more than that.

• Safety issues: Please exercise a little bit of caution when contact is initiated. For example, if you’ve found someone interesting, and the feeling’s mutual, talk to the person on your mobile phone instead of using your home phone number. Believe me, it takes a bit of time to be sure that the person is genuinely interested in you or not. And especially when you can’t see them face to face, it takes a bit of time to pull out the weeds, so to speak.

• Take your own sweet time: You have to be patient for the right person to come along, and once they do, sound them out. Some of us are lucky and meet the person of their dreams right away, while for others, it may take a bit of time. Just because your first week on a senior dating app did not yield results, should not mean that you give up hope. Give time to work its magic.

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