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Dating Tips for Dating After 60

Senior dating over 60, 70 is not the same as dating when you are young. When you view different senior dating sites over 60, 70, you notice that the main purpose among those who use such sites is to find a social relationship. Unsurprisingly, seniors over 60 and 70 seldom look for love. There are exceptions but at this age, people are more mature and the rules of dating are different from when they were young.

  Different characteristics

One of the failings among seniors who have passed their sixtieth birthday is they do not know who they are looking for. Most of them may be living without their better halves and they may also be in the process of overcoming a recent loss. Some may be recently divorced and others may not be as trusting as they once were. Seniors over 60, over 70 exhibit different characteristics as compared to young daters.

  What do senior women want?

Senior women who have attained the age of sixty generally earn enough money to live comfortably. They may have a decent pension or the pension of their deceased husband must be enough for them to not have to worry about money. Such women do not need to date people with good incomes. So, if you come across such women, it is important you give them respect because otherwise they would refuse to date you.


Senior women also have been through fights for equal rights and hence will be bearing scars of their battles with a male dominated society. So, when you come across such women, you need to keep in mind they are not simply going to fall for you and become devoted housewives. You need to earn their trust and show them love before they are convinced they should do the same for you.

Dating After 60

  What do senior men want?

There are also many senior men who have passed their sixtieth birthday and who are looking for a date. These men tend to be somewhat backward as compared to women in the same age bracket. They want to date women who will care for them and not someone who is very argumentative. They already must have experienced enough arguments and hence will not want to date women who argue too much. They are looking for women who will listen to them and care for them.

  Use trusted sites

When checking senior dating sites over 60, 70, you need to look for those that are reputable. Dating after the age of sixty means you need to understand a new way of dating. Seniors over 60 and 70 often find a date with someone who is much younger than them. There is more to this than simply wanting to date a person with a young and virile body. The truth is young people tend to be more loving and caring and they are also more willing to give respect where respect is due.

Dating over 70 or 60 is actually fun and relaxing. After having experienced a full life, seniors want to find a new relationship. They are therefore willing to start a casual conversation about things they feel strongly about. It won’t take long before they have a rocking good time.

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