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Basics of Speed Dating for Seniors

Basics Of Speed Dating For SeniorsSpeed dating is a new option for those, who want to try a new way of making a love connection. Below you will find some basics of speed dating for seniors that will probably help you overcoming the fear of trying this sort of meeting senior personals.

First thing to remember about senior Speed dating is that it is just a social event as any other. Don’t use the approach of looking a partner, but consider it a simple social event, feel relaxed and behave naturally.

The standard rule of a senior speed dating is ten minutes session of questions and answers that will allow you to decide if you want a further contact with every representative of the opposite sex present on the speed dating event.

Together with the simplicity of the event many people are afraid of these 10 minutes. These time is given for introductory exchanges to see if you have common ground or chemistry.
Remember your image matters, don’t turn into a CIS interrogator, don’t brag about yourself, don’t talk about your ex relationships and never show yourself as a victim let the conversation take its course. Keep your conversation lighthearted and look at the whole procedure as the way to get to know more about the opposite sex.


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